Jonathan Hanisits



About Jonathan

I grew up in the suburbs of Sacramento, California, and inhabited northern California with long stints of beach life in Santa Cruz and big-city livin’ in San Francisco. I have been an Oregon resident for the last eight years, and am continually inspired by the clean air, default friendly demeanor, and general appreciation for sunny days.

I am a screenrprinter who is curious about the ever-changing world around me, and the expectation to keep up. I am a member of the printmaking collective called Flight64, and enjoy sharing creative spaces with other weirdos and makers. My work is inspired by pop culture, people being people, and the emerging importance and influence of technology in our everyday lives. I am fascinated by the process of human robotization, and the challenge of disconnection in our media-heavy world. What separates humans from other animals is the ability to use tools, so why have these tools made us in turn, less human, and more robotic?

Screenprinting is a process as complex and messy as you make it, with a margin of error that increases in relation to the mess and complexity of the work. I can relate to messy and complex.